8 to the bar

8 To The Bar is our gluten free nut oat and fruit snack bar. We use only organic ingredients blended with local honey.

Life may be sharp or flat, but 8 To The Bar is
always natural! Promoting a healthy choice
one bar at a time.

Finding healthy snack options that your entire family will love is no easy task! Our gluten free snack bars are a great choice for most households. Children and adults alike tend to love the organic gluten free nuts and oats that we put into our granola products. You might even find that the pickiest eaters in your family are excited to have these energy bars every day! To learn more about what goes into our bars and to get to know the creators, click on the various pages of this website. If you haven’t tried one of our gluten free energy bars yet, place an online order today or click on our store locator to see if any shops in your town carry our products. We know that you will love these gluten free snack bars!
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